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Invigorating education through making it outcome based

India has seen series of transformations since British era which inherited much criticised Macaulay’s education policy of creating educated ones with mind-set of being a part of dominated community. Education system at levels of primary, secondary and tertiary education need to be remodelled in light of our own demographic strength and requirements. Today the education system does not create potentially employable ones and simply allows one to continue to advance from one class to other and finally land up in a regime of utter frustration due to insufficient worth of such education. It has become a culture to continue with series of examinations & tests for making candid assessment of capabilities of someone because the country has lost trust in its own statutory examining bodies imparting Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates. Today, even after the assessment by various examining boards, one is subjected to numerous tests to prove capability inspiteof good credentials.

In view of large numbers of educational institutions, any qualitative change cannot be brought in through regulations alone rather the very purpose of education needs to be categorically understood by all educators &policy makers and should work in coherence to make every level of education worthwhile with capability to deliver livelihood. Qualitative change in education is possible only when every interaction between learner and teacher becomes outcome based. It is not in national interest to allow everyone to continue with studies till one isplaced, instead the education system should periodically create employable exit points at every level. This will eventually lessen the burden on educational institutions and pave way for qualitative improvements as well jobs commensurate to capability at respective level. Although, the prevailing vocational education framework is contributing little bit in mitigating it, but there is need to make every level of education outcome based so that the learner has understanding about the purpose of study aswell as the teachers also know what is to be done.


Prof.(Dr.) Onkar Singh
Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur (U.P.)
Founder Vice Chancellor, MMM University of Technology, Gorakhpur (U.P.)