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Being a Teacher
“…….no one can teach anybody. The teacher spoils everything by thinking that he/she is teaching. Vedanta says that man has knowledge within and it requires only an Awakening… and that is the work of a Teacher” – Swami Vivekananda.
Significant commitment of a Pedagogue, a Nation-Builder is to bring “Awareness”in the learners about “Righteousness” and “Conduct”.
A teacher today confines their teaching to impart knowledge and skills, useful for earning a livelihood.They are concerned solely about the well-being of themselves and their families and have no interest in the welfare of the world and do not teach anything about the truth of life, how it should be lived.
If teachers fail tobring up their own children in an exemplary manner,how are they going to mold the other children who come under their care?
Preceptors should be an Epitome.
A role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential, theone whom we admire and someone we aspire to be like. We learn through them, through their commitment towardsexcellence.

When we think of teacher, who comes to our mind?
The math teacher who helped toconquer fractions?
The English teacher who wrote great comments on stories?
The teacher who helped discoversa new sport, hobby, talent-or maybe even nudged you down your current career path?
“We think of teacher-heroes who taught us the academics but we don’t often think of those teachers who taught us life’s lessons”.
At this stage children are like clay waiting to be molded into works of art, putting in measures of creativity, volumes of imagination, ounces of concern, reflections of humility, digest of discipline, summation of love and a sea of compassion.They are waiting to soak up every experience, every word.
A teacher carries a big responsibility on his/her shoulders-the job of shaping the thoughts of the minds of the future to make them good citizens and good human beings
It is the teacher who must not only help the student decipher the facts and the figures, he must be his confidant and his counsel.
A teacher is a parent, mentor, guide, philosopher, friend, educator and a confidant. Being a teacher is a challenge as your lessons are never forgotten and moreover teachers influence the student’s decisions, strengths, weaknesses and creativity. In true value, a teacher shapes the next generation into the future generation.

Teaching is widely termed as a noble profession.
Yes, but has anyone stopped to wonder why?
Well in my perusal, teaching is associated with character building, inculcation of morals and ethics, instilling the love for learning to retain, inspires hope in the minds of innocent learners and of course affects eternity.
To sum-up I strongly vouch that true education should lead towards Transformation of Hearts,Honesty, Righteousness and Compassion.


Anima Saxena
Edify School Amravati.
Survey No 112,Chandur Bazar Road,Kathora,Amravati - 444602