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Mahatma Gandhi is among those few great persons in the human history, who proved to be a great exemplary personality during his own life-time. The social relevance and significance of his teachings and practice still remains valuable. His concept of “non-violence” in the modern society needs to be re-interpreted in the light of modern ethical and social values as the humans are increasingly becoming more intolerant and self centered.

The student community in the schools and colleges is also subjected to immense psychological stress, intolerance, violence and sexual abuse. The school/college staff is faced with several unforeseen domains of student problems, which mostly originate from the modern life style and technological advancement. Teachers either do not know the ways to deal with these student related problems or they don’t have time to address them. How do we go beyond understanding of the campus problems is a big question? The school counselors suggest that social-emotional learning and parental attention can address such issues in the school campuses. But the teachers are mostly absent when the negative incidents occur. The major emphasis of the School or college teaching is centered on academic excellence, not on the personality development of students.

The student safety and security, emotional outburst and anger management are some of the student related issues which are just left to be addressed by the unskilled and immature hands or parents. The wide spread psychological stress, lack of moral and ethical values among the students sometimes incites them to kill their fellow students just on flimsy ground.

Thus, teaching of the Gandhi ji is still relevant in the present day society to enthuse moral and ethical values in the students. The Gandhi ji has not only taught us truth and non-violence, but has also guided us on several practical aspects of life such as dignity, love, co-operation and self restraint etc. These simple teachings of Gandhi ji require affirmative action to inculcate the required values among the students, and they should not be confined to only text books.



Professor D.P.Singh
Ex-Head & Dean
Department of Environmental Science
School for Environmental Sciences
BB Ambedkar (Central) University,
Lucknow-226025, India

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