Winter Session of Parliament begins tomorrow; PM says, govt ready to discuss all issues////All-party meet ahead of Winter Session of Parliament ends//Rajya Sabha passed 3,817 Bills in the last 67 years; Held 5,466 sittings since 1952/// Rajnath Singh holds various bilateral meetings on the sidelines of ADMM-Plus in Bangkok//President of India witnesses an exhibition of paintings set up by Artists-In-Residence; Exhibition open for public viewing from November 19 to 24///NDA में उठी को-ऑर्डिनेशन कमेटी की मांग, चिराग बोले - यह कमेटी होती तो शिवसेना अलग न होती///Kashmir's autonomy ultimately served only a small elite: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar///PM Modi hopes for constructive debates in Parliament////
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The world is facing two acute problems of all the times presentely.The endangered ecological system and disintegrating human society with degrading human values .This isleading to serious challenges of sustenance and survival of environment and lives in peaceful harmony.The solution to these problems is simple yet needs sincere efforts to follow ,the initiation of Indian Philosophy of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam" and "Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah..." in everyone and everywhere.

If we are awakened to the oneness of the universe and think of ourselves as only its tiny part ,it won't be difficult to realize that our well being and existence is possible only in the wellbeing of everything around us.This realization will stop us from exploiting the environment or other human beings believing them to be our own extensions in true sense.

The journey of a person starting from the self to the family, society, nation and ultimately to the universe is the true endeavor towards self realization in pursuit of peaceful ,happy and harmonious coexistence.The spiritual awakening is the need of the hour to see it happen practically. This will be the true "Swaraj" and a real tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birthday.



Prof Sheela Misra
Department of Statistics
University of Lucknow