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Mahatma Gandhi is remembered on 2nd October every year for his sacrifices and cherished values which has led our country independent in 1947.Throughout his life, Gandhi ji practiced two values i.e.Truth and Non Violence All over the world,he is known as Mahatma as he could succeed in practicing values of truth and non violence in all his endeavours.

At that point of time, values are inculcated from family and Indian traditions.We must note that inculcation of values is one of the three components of education viz.knowledge,skills and values. Our education fabric with 10 plus two plus three structure only lays stress on imparting knowledge in terms of information. Recently, the emphasis is laid on skills also. The component of values is yet to be integrated in education curricula. At some places, it is supplemented as an add on course. Even in management programmes, the components of knowledge and skill are taken care of. There is a need to integrate value component in the curricula.

Hardwork,honesty.integreity,dedication,tolerance,empathy,sincereity are the impotant values which are to be integrated in our education system. Education system should primarily focus on inculcation of values among learners not on providing information to theoretical framework of values.For every course,the component of value inculcation may range from 10 percent to 30 percent.For all the technical courses also,the value inculcation process be integrated.This has become more important with the dis integration of joint families in recent years. Urbanisation and nucleus families have further forced the need to have effective value inculcation process.Our educational policymakers have to look into into it immediately. Sooner the better.



Dr Nageshwar Rao
Vice Chancellor
Indira Gandhi Open University,
New Delhi.

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