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Colors of democracy on display during 3rd phase
Colors of democracy on display during 3rd phase LS Polls

Diverse colors of democracy were on display on Tuesday as 117 parliamentay seats went to polls. Voters from all age groups and from all sections of the society turned up in large numbers and exercised their franchise.

Age was no barrier as their enthusiasm and sense of responsibility led senior citizens to polling booths. Many of them have been voting for decades and never lagged behind when it came to playing their part in strengthening democracy.

It was a milestone event for millennial as they thronged polling stations to translate into votes the excitement for exercising their franchise for the first time. First time voters flashed their ID cards with a sense of pride as they cast their vote.

Election commission made special arrangements to ensure that differently abled persons don't face any difficulty while casting their vote. This helped Divyang voters turning up in large numbers and exercise their franchise.

In Goa, Divyang voters were also given badges reading "most valued voter". Voters lauded the efforts of the election commission.

Women Voters across the states were seen queuing up since the very morning waiting for their turn to cast vote... They gave their male counterparts a run for their money when it comes to playing an active part in the democratic process voting for a better future, an empowered tomorrow... The percentage of women voters was more than the men voters in the previous rounds of polling.

What else could be more important on a wedding day for a bride, other than marriage itself. Well it is exercising one's franchise. A bride in Rajkot in Gujarat, turned up at a polling station and cast her vote before heading for the mandap. In Pune also, a bride visited a polling station and exercised her franchise.

Transgender voters also came out and exercised their franchise.

Over 18 crore 85 lakh voters were eligible to exercise their franchise in the third phase of Lok Sabha Polls. With people from all walks of life queuing up to cast their votes, they once again reiterated their strong faith in democracy and commitment to strengthen it further. (UPDATED ON APRIL 23RD, 2019)