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Gandhian concept of Self Rule means Swaraj is real democracy, where people's power rests in the individuals and each one realizes that he or she is the real master of one's self. Thus people are sovereign in a democracy but in a parliamentary democracy, party system has a vital role to play.

There is contradiction in the statement of Gandhi about parliamentary democracy but while diving deep into the democratic ideals, he has said, “Democracy, disciplined and enlightened is the finest things in the world.”

At the same time, he also cautions people against a whole-sale copying of the Western Model of democracy, where there are only nominal democracies. However, he has highest regards for Democracy and he calls it as “a great institution” and again conscious people and says, “It is liable to be greatly abused.”Even today, all over the world, democracy is widely accepted principle of the system of governance and there is no alternative to democracy.

Thus it is abundantly clear that for future, Gandhian concept of democracy is the only hope, where it must be practiced at the grass–root level, party system to be built up on accepted principles and not on partisan line, defection should be done away with and recall of recalcitrant representatives must be adhered to. Defects and demerits must be removed from the present democratic form of governance. People's power must be accepted to make democracy safe; otherwise if the democracy is abused or misused, the future of people is doomed.

Though India is democratic country, today the definition of the same has changed to a certain extent, mainly due to the ignorance and unawareness of the masses. Illiteracy is one reason for this. What we need to thoroughly understand is that democracy lets us use our freedom and we as citizens have to make sure that we use it in a constructive way which will help in the development and progress of the country.

India proudly talks of being democratic but citizens should take special care to see that the term democracy is not misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Gandhian ideas are difficult to be put into practice, unless people are of extraordinary character, high moral capacity and integrity. Gandhian philosophy really speaking did not strike deep roots even in India. Most of Gandhi's followers paid only lip sympathy to it. But they are not owing to Gandhiji's failure or weaknesses of his thought, but owing to the drawbacks and weakness in ordinary human being.


Dr.Anima Saxena

BHOPAL (Madhya Pradesh)