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Premium tag for coffee grown in Araku valley

Coffee Board has applied for registration of Araku coffee under Geographical Indications to protect the unique identity of the coffee grown by thetribal communities of Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

This was informed by Minister of State of Commerce and Industry,C.R.Chaudhary, in reply to a written question inLok Sabha today.

The Central Government, through the Coffee Board, is promoting production of coffee in Araku Valley by implementing the “Integrated Coffee Development Project”. The scheme includes extending financial support for replanting and expansion, creation of water harvesting and irrigation infrastructures and mechanisation of coffee estate operations. In the non-traditional areas financial support is extended for consolidation of existing coffee plantations through gap filling and application of compost. Technical assistance is also provided by organising capacity building programs and field demonstrations. TheCoffee Board is facilitating collective marketing of Araku Coffee by providing incentives at Rs. 10 per Kg for SHGs and grower collectives.

Arabica coffee from the Araku Valley area has gained popularity as a high quality speciality coffee internationally. The Coffee Board has developed exclusive logos for coffee grown in the country based on their geographical distinctiveness.

Coffee Board encourages the coffee growers to participate in the “Flavour of India-The Fine Cup Award” competition organised by Coffee Board every year.(Updated on March 5th, 2018)