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Radha Mohan Singh lays foundation stone for the first dairy plant
New Delhi. The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Shri Radha Mohan Singh today laid the foundation stone for the first dairy plant in Motihari of East Champaran District. Addressing the gathering, Shri Singh said that India has reached such a stage that it is providing opportunities galore for the entrepreneurs at the international level. Agriculture Minister said that the growth in the dairy sector is a result of the initiatives taken by the Government by implementing various schemes to increase productivity of milch animals. Shri Singh said that India is the prime producer of milk and has been holding the number one position globally over the past two decades. Milk production, which was around 17 - 22 million tonnes in the 1960s, has increased to 165.4 million tonnes in 2016-17. During the year 2016-17 milk production increased by 20.12% as compared to 2013-14.
Shri Singh further said that the Per Capita availability of milk grew by 15.6% during the year 2016-17 taking it to 355 grams from 307 grams in 2013-14. Likewise, the income of the dairy farmers grew by 23.77% during 2014-17 as compared to 2011-14. In the last three years, milk production in India grew by 6.3% every year thus surpassing the annual global growth rate of 2.1%.
Agriculture Minister also said that dairy farming has become a source of livelihood and food security at the rural level, especially for landless and marginal farmers. About 80 million farmers are connected with the dairy business and they rear 80% of the total milch cattle.(Updated on February 13th, 2018)